This site is for people who are trying to come to terms with and understand transsexual women and men.

Where gender is concerned, we certainly break the mold!  But in most respects, we are much like everyone else.  Once we come to terms with our gender, all we want is to get on in the world.  We have families, careers, hobbies, and aspirations.  We want to create, contribute and produce.  We want to put a painful past behind us. We hope that you will come to see us for who we are.

Colorful PeopleWe are so much more than our gender.  If you really want to understand us, get to know us as complete people.

  • Gender Inside: We selected these memoirs, biographies and personal essays because they reveal a lot about the person inside us.

  • Gender Success Stories: Click on the menu to the left to view brief profiles of successful transsexual men and women in different industries. You’ll be amazed. (use the comments or email to suggest additional people to profile).

  • Gender Tomorrow: If you want to hear from the younger generation, you’ve got to go online. Check out these fresh faces and inspiring people.

  • Gender Face-to-Face: There is nothing like meeting several hundred gender outlaws all at the same time. These conferences range from festive getaways to serious explorations of legal, medical and ethical issues.

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There is cause for hope, America!

I have just returned from a wonderfully exhausting day at the Mall in Washington DC. There, I marched with two other local Asheville activists and many friends from the Human Rights Campaign.
How amazing to be surrounded by 500,000 of my […]

McCrory’s HB2: Another Republican Exploitation of Women

McCrory and I agree on one thing: the women and children of North Carolina – and those in the rest of the country – desperately need protection. We disagree, though, on how prioritizing this discriminatory bill solves anything.

Let’s back up. […]

Mother and Child Reunion

Pamela Valentine publishes a wonderful blog, Affirmed Mom, in which she tries to share the perspectives and experiences of transgender families.  I especially love one of her most recent posts: To Mourn A Child.  What a beautiful story. What a wonderful […]

I am STILL Not Cait

I recently published a blog suggesting that people stop viewing I Am Cait. A day later, I saw a message from Jennifer Boylan, encouraging people to watch the new season. She promised that there was some hard-hitting dialogue ahead. She […]

I am NOT Cait!

Caitlyn Jenner’s notion that she can be trans ambassador to the President – to Ted Cruz of all people – sickens me. Here is a report of her interview with The Advocate:
She called Cruz a ‘great constitutionalist’ and said she […]

My Fifty-Year Journey Out of Shadow

For fifty years, I struggled with the pain and confusion of living in the wrong gender. When people hear this, they generally assume that this means that I spent fifty years wanting to play dress-up; fifty years wanting to become […]

Identity Wars, Part 1: Getting Past Passing

I can’t seem to get through a day without some discussion of my identity:

… You’re not a woman. Give me a break!
… How dare you call yourself a woman! You haven’t a clue what we have gone through! You […]

How We Get to Die / Philadelphia Trans Women Remembered

When I transitioned, I worried constantly about becoming a victim of violence. I consulted the Transgender Violence Tracking portal, which seeks to report incidents of violence against transgender people.  The portal reported 268 murders in the 12 months between November 19, […]