TG Rainbow 1and2This site is for people who are trying to come to terms with and understand transsexual women and men.

Where gender is concerned, we certainly break the mold!  But in most respects, we are much like everyone else.  Once we come to terms with our gender, all we want is to get on in the world.  We have families, careers and hobbies.  We have aspirations.  We want to create, contribute and produce.  We want to put a painful past behind us.

All you really need to do is to Get To Know Us.  Browse through our profiles and see us for the women and men we really are.  Learn what we do for a living, what our families are like.  Look at our talents, our achievements, our passions.  We can be surprisingly conventional.  But are we bursting with potential or what?

For us, “transition” isn’t about choosing a new gender.  It is about accepting – and celebrating – the one we had all along.  We don’t change our gender.  We simply stop hiding it.

Frankly, most of us find the public’s preoccupation with our transitions a bit lurid. The process is, at best, awkward. But if you want to know more, go to Understand What We Deal With.  Learn what transsexualism is and isn’t; what causes it; what the treatment options are and what the consequences can be if left untreated.

We are not out to impose ourselves on the world.  Like most people, we just want to live in it.  We hope you will welcome us.  As you will learn in these pages, we have a lot to contribute!