My posts of successful transgender people is decidedly biased towards older people in conventional professions. As inspiring as these people were to me (an older trans woman in a conventional profession), even I find it a little boring. Here then, are some fresh faces who light up my world. Bring it on!

Name Title Posted Length Description
Daniella Cater Daniella’s Story 3/10/15   A transgender teen who lived in the subway and suffered sexual and physical abuse before emerging to become an entrepreneur, advocate and community organizer.
Daniella Carter speaks at the 2015 HRC Foundation’s Time To THRIVE Conference 3/15/15 10:19 A powerful young black woman describes her experience growing up with discrimination because of her race and gender expression. Privilege. The importance of allies (@5:11 – the teachers who stood behind her – “fight administrators was very tiring”)
Various LGBTQIA Videos From Other People     Jackson Bird maintains a great playlist of other trans people