The Person Inside ... The Gulf Between Us

Author:Tina White


Why We Transition

Few people understand why we transition or what it means to us. It isn’t about clothing and makeup. We transition in order to preserve ourselves and to connect ourselves to humanity.

Religious Conservatives Should Celebrate Pride

Religious conservatives who complain of Pride parades are missing the point. Pride wasn’t born in celebration, but in protest. Today’s parades and festivals are a by-product of the discrimination and hatred wrought upon the LGBTQ community. There is a simple way to end Pride festivals: stop treating LGBTQ people differently. Many local congregations showed up to Asheville’s annual pride to celebrate with us.

Finding Ourselves in Our Stereotypes

The labels we use to categorize people define us, not them. They do more to determine our morality than any creed we might declare. We cannot do away with labels; but we can learn from them … if we go about it in the right way.

Your Identity Papers, Please

Our leaders seem intent on legislating our identity in order to dehumanize, control, and divide us. Jesus Christ had something in common with today’s queer youth: he loved to defy human labels.

The Rights Side of Eternity

Minorities and progressives are not the enemy of true religious believers. Christ makes it clear: progressives are their allies; persecuted minorities are their gateway to heaven.

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