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Transgender Soup for the Soul

I wrote this after emerging from the most vulnerable period in my life. It is a letter to my younger self. I was probably channeling Polonius, who counseled his son, Laertes: “And these few precepts in thy memory see thou character.” …

Why I Wrote Between Shadow and Sun

Between Shadow and Sun began as a love letter to my children. That beginning profoundly influenced the book it eventually grew into. How can you lie to your children?

Successful Trans Women in Business, Science, Professions

Take a look at these women. Do you really care what their gender is? Wouldn’t you want them on your team? When I was confronting my own transition, I looked for role models who had carved out successful professional careers without regard for their gender. There is a decided bias to this list. I was looking for people who seemed to provide a personally relevant role model.


Between Shadow and Sun: A Discussion Guide for Readers

In Between Shadow and Sun, Tina and Mary grapple with some pretty big questions. How well do you think they do? Most of these involve deeply felt personal values. How do you feel? [Note: each of these questions can consume an entire discussion. Pick one or two and dig in.



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