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How to be a Transgender Ally

Sometimes it is easier to learn from video. Here are some brief clips of people offering tips for being a good ally.
Title Posted Length Description
How to be a Trans Ally: The Video 6/17/15 2:50 Evolve Benton (aka Emotions the Poet) presents a powerful call to action. It is more a case for being an ally than a how to.
5 Tips for Being an Ally 11/22/14 3:31 Franchesca Ramsey, a straight, cis-woman, deals some straight talk about being an ally. She is best known as Chescaleigh, a writer, actress and video blogger with over 200,000 subscribers.
How to be a Trans Ally: Ft. Daniella Carter 6/19/15 4:41 In talk show format, Raymond Braun conducts a lively interview with Daniella Carter about the importance of allies in her life. Great examples of teachers who made a difference.
How To be a Good Trans Ally | Ft. Jackson Bird 8/13/15 9:07 A male transgender student offers tips on some does and don’ts for how he likes to be treated by others.
10 Ways to be a Trans Ally / Trans-guy Myths 1/24/14 2:50 / 3:00 In these entertaining, high energy clips, trans man Benton and lesbian Ariel discuss some of the more offensive behaviors and assumptions people make.
Walking In The Shoes Of The Other (TEDx) 8/10/15 18:10 Timothy Kurek decided to pretend to be openly gay in his very conservative community for a whole year. It changed his way of thinking about homosexuals and any other person who could be different.




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Tina White

Tina White

Tina White is the Executive Director of the Blue Ridge Pride Center, in Asheville, North Carolina, and a member of the board of directors for the Human Rights Campaign.

Tina spent 35 years consulting to and working for global corporations. Her specialty was large-scale business transformation: redesigning companies to pursue new strategies and improve performance. She has since shifted her focus to activism, writing and speaking. She speaks and writes on issues of diversity & inclusion, organization transformation, social justice, and personal identity.

Tina is the author of Between Shadow and Sun. She describes her 50-year struggle with gender and her wife's efforts to embrace her revealed identity. She holds an MBA in Strategy, Marketing & Finance from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and an AB in Economics from Princeton University. She and Mary live in Asheville, North Carolina.

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